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Re: Unlimited data deal but says I owe over €220??

Exactly, I rang them on the number 1913 and I couldn't get through to anyone but it said that prepay customers are having difficulties and when my3 finally worked for me it said it was under maintenance so the issue is definitely on their part

Phone will not top up

Hi I topped up over an hour ago, money taken from my bank but still no phone credit applied. I urgently need to make a call. Can you tell me what the issue is. If it is not going to b fixed soon I will need a refund as I am going to have to go and use someone elses phone. 

€82 prepay credit gone


I am aware that 3 is having an issue today.

It says I have spent €62 on data in the last month which cannot be possible as I have unlimited data. I am after topping up again this morning by €20 and that's now gone as well. When will this be reinbursed?

@Three_Sheena wrote:

Hi everyone, 


Three is aware that some of our prepay customers received a text message regarding their allowance in error this morning.


We are working to resolve the issue and any necessary refunds will be processed as soon as possible.


I'll update this announcement once the issue is resolved. Thanks for your patience.



as not being able to make calls is extremely inconvient!

Internet services charges

I've been getting texts with the past week saying I've spent €20 and €15 something but then this morning I woke up to see I owe €306.43!! Nearly passed out. I'm on €20 a month and have unlimited internet so I've no idea what's going on. I topped up 20 last week even though I didn't think my month was up and the credit vanished.

Re: Top up and allowance GONE.

Needs to be fixed! Not doing my heart any good saying I owe €306 when I'm suppose to have unlimited internet!

Re: Top up and allowance GONE.

Hi guys, these messages were sent in error. We're investigating and all charges will be corrected. Apologies for the inconvenience. 

Re: Prepay Text Message - 25/04/2017


I've received a text this morning saying that I've racked up an astronomical amount of debt (€211.69) on Internet services since April 18th. I've gone back through all my top-ups and checked all the dates, and at no point was my account not topped up (which gives me access to all-you-can-eat data). As well as this, all my credit has now all been taken from my account, after topping up on only April 24th! Would you be able to look into this for me please?

Thank you,


Re: Internet Services

3 Moderator

Hi there, this is an error. We're working to get it fixed asap. I'm sorry for the inconvenience this has caused today. If your balance is affected, it will be corrected soon. Thanks, Orla

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Re: Internet Services

Hi Orla,

Thanks a mill for that, I appreciate it.

Re: Prepay Text Message - 25/04/2017

All my credit and allowence gone. Over 50 euro if credit dissapeared this morning. And the allowence keeps coming and going. Whats the problem? When will it be fixed?

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