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Re: Phone will not top up


This is one of a growing list of Internet-related problems at Three. Their website is simply not fit for purpose (other than taking your hard-earned cash, they have no problem there). Do what I did: move to a normal mobile provider that cares about its customers and actually solves problems. The problem I had -  not being able to buy a data add-on - still hasn't been fixed almost a year after it was reported by myself and other people. 

Re: Prepay Text Message - 25/04/2017

New Member

I awoke to  bill of E805.11 this morning. Once the pain in my chest subsided(no joke), i found that Three had also cleaned my account of the 39 euros credit i had. Since then my account has been credited with E20. Where's my 19 Euros Three?

Re: Prepay Text Message - 25/04/2017

Posted From Samsung SM-J320FN

Re: Prepay Text Message - 25/04/2017

50 euro worth of credit gone, topped up yesterday on top of an existing 30€ credit. Didnt use internet until i was sure that i had the allowence. And within an hour all the credit was gone, and there was no allowence. Later on i received a message saying that i am over the data allowence limit by 400€ . Whats going on, can i get a refund of my money back? Or will i notify my bank to block 3 service fees???
Posted From Sony E6653

Re: Prepay Text Message - 25/04/2017

New Member
I received a text saying that I spent more than 600 euros in internet over my contract and it is on my thee page as well and my internet is not working... What is happening?
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Re: Prepay Text Message - 25/04/2017

New Member
Same thing happened to me yesterday I topped up by 20€ and now I have 31€ on my balance and plus system do not let me use internet data for some reason. Very disappointed 😔
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Out of credit.

New Member
Hello, i topped up on the 20th of April by 20e to avail of the deal associated with this amount and i currently have no credit remaining. I was calling another three customer when i "ran out of credit". I understand there is an issue with billing and i hope it can be resolved soon. Thanks
Posted From Samsung SM-G903F

Re: Prepay Text Message - 25/04/2017

Thank you Rachel

I can confirm data roaming is also back!

I'm on 20€ all you can eat with 2gb roaming (I'm irish but am in Spain) all good now!

Perhaps an idea to put a message on your website for future issues or issue a txt broadcast to 3 customers (would cost nothing)

Posted From Sony C6903

Re: Prepay Text Message - 25/04/2017

Hi all,


We continue to work on correcting charges and fixing this issue.


Will be posting in Announcements page when we have more information and updates.

We're very sorry for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience while we work to resolve the issue.

Re: Prepay Text Message - 25/04/2017

[ Edited ]

I would like to confirm if it's ok to use mobile data while this is going on, without incurring more charges...


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