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Prepay SIM question



My family and I will be traveling to Ireland in June and want to pick up a prepaid SIM to use in our unlocked Samsung Galaxy S5's


I just wanted to confirm that I can get a prepaid SIM in one of your stores, Dublin, have it topped off there and we will be good to go for the 2 weeks we are there?  Thinking about the 20 Euro all you can eat data plan while we are there.  Wanted to make sure it won't bill me past the time we will be there, assuming it's not a automatic top off and you have to do it manually.


Is there anything else I should know before we leave?


Thanks in advance,



Re: Prepay SIM question


Hi @Anonymous,

You're right in all these things Smiley Happy You won't get billed on Prepay- if you go outside your usage or if you go over 30 days before topping up then this will come out of your €20 credit. If you do it manually then it's a once off top up. You can read more about it here: 

Be sure to pop back to me if you need anything else- hope you all have a great trip Smiley Happy


Re: Prepay SIM question



Re: Prepay SIM question


I did remember one more question.


Any issues with using a US credit card for initial purchase or top off?



Re: Prepay SIM question

3 Staff

Hi Patrick, it would need to be an Irish registered card used on the website. You can drop into a store though and buy credit with your card  here instead.


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