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Re: Premium SMS charge

You can for sure now
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Re: Premium SMS charge

I'm facing exactly the same problem here.
I also received a message from 57977 saying I had subscribed the services of which I did NOT!!!

Immediately, I texted back STOP to the same number, no unsubscribe message confirmation was received and few hours later I received 8 messages in a row and €20 was taken/stolen from my account balance.

I'd like to block all premium services, so that doesn't happen again.

At this point, I don't even have hope to get my €20 back.
This is so frustrating.

Re: Premium SMS charge

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Same thing just happened to me like a few hours ago. Got the text, looked it up saw it was a scam and texted back Stop then got the 8 messages and they robbed me of 20 euro. I'm furious, I mean it's only 20 quid I'll get over it but how are they aloud to steal from people without consequence?!?!? They've done this to thousands of people and they don't seem to be stopping, three mobile should be held accountable, I mean if they don't even have the control to prevent things like this or either they don't care, and imma guess the latter as all of their responses to this issue was for the victims to complain to the scam artists which translates to deal with it yourself we already got your money.... Absolutely disgusted.


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