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Poor internet speed


During the daylight there is no problem with internet speed (D: 50Mbps U:30Mbps). But since 8pm hit the clock it is going very slow (D: 0.3-0.7Mbps U: 15-20Mbps). I just don't understand it. I have LTE+ connection all the time. Please don't tell me it is because of high usage at evening time by other people which is causing this. There is a high usage all the time, we live in 21st century when people literally live in online worlds more than in real life. Here is a proof for my complain:


Why people should need unlimited data when they can't use it, because of such a slow speeds. I'm with you for good few years. I think it is time to switch.


Re: Poor internet speed


Hi@Pawel1991, can you PM us your number and full address? I'll check this out for you. 

Re: Poor internet speed

PM sent

Re: Poor internet speed

Thanks Pawel, I've just got back to you 👍


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