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Parental control AGAIN

Hey it s been the second time in a row that you put me on parental control i already proved everything 3 weeks ago and send all the details needed to get it unblocked.
Today you put this parental control once again.
So what im gonna have to send you my id acard and all my personal data every 3 weeks ?
Im really done and i feel like i have no privacy at all.
It is the last time i top up ly account with three if you don t get it unblocked.
This is really annoying as i did everything to unblock it (and so it has been unblocked) a few weeks ago.
Now i just have to wine on a forum to get it sorted once again..

Re: Parental control AGAIN


This has been removed for you. Have you turned off/on your phone again?

Re: Parental control AGAIN

Remove adult filter

Re: Parental control AGAIN

HI there 👋 Could you send me on your full name, number, address and date of birth in a PM and I'll help you out?

Re: Parental control AGAIN


Re: Parental control AGAIN

HI Aziz1, can you send me a PM with 2 numbers that you've called or texted recently and the date and amount of your last top up? I'll check this out. 


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