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P20 lite

I can't make or receive calls when anything is connected to my hotspot. I've to restart phone after every time in order to make calls. Sometimes happens when Bluetooth and mobile Data are switched on too. Rang three they said to bring phone back to shop which I did I was given a replacement Sim which didn't solve problem. Phone is only 2 months old.

Re: P20 lite

3 Community Manager

Hi Sor7171, That's a very strange thing that's happening to your calls. can you tell me if you're using the P20 lite?  you're using? Also, have you tried your SIM in another phone to see if the same thing happens? Deb 

Re: P20 lite

Hi Yes it's p20 lite and the guy in The three store put in a replacement Sim last week and it's still happening.

Re: P20 lite


Sounds like the phone is faulty then, I would back it up and return to the shop for it to be repaired.


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