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Out of allowance info, while still within allowance


Hi, I have topped up by 20 Euros on the 20th of Jan, and today my 3 account shows me an out-of-allowance usage (broadband) of 13 Euros smth for this month... how can this be ? 

And my credit balance went from 14 to 11 Euros within 3 days, although I have not made any phone calls since 3 Feb. Three working the magic again is it ? Because it's not the first time. Any attempt to call the customer service is futile, those guys in India are less than accommodating. Stereotypical phrases is all they give you.  

Re: Out of allowance info, while still within allowance

Hi Romano1 👋 I can look into this for you. Is this your phone or broadband account? Can you PM me your full name, number, address and date of birth so I can access your account? 


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