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Old Number Access/Records

Hi there,

I haven't used my previous Three mobile phone number ever since I lost that phone late last year. I've been using a different phone number ever since, but I've just discovered that the voicemail service still appears to be active for my old number.

The number doesn't dial out, but goes straight to voicemail and still has my old recording. What I'm looking to find out is:

1. Is there a way that I can access any voicemails that would have been left at that number since I lost the phone?

2. Is there a way that I can get a record of transaction history for that number (e.g. to show that there's been no calls made or texts sent since last year)?

3. Is there a way that I can disable the voicemail facility to make sure no messages can be left at that number?


Re: Old Number Access/Records

3 Moderator

Hi @tomohero, I'll certainly check all this out for you  💪  Can you send a private message with your mobile number and details please?


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