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Notifications when data limit reached




I use the 20 euro top up and was recently pleasantly surprised when 3 started sending messages warning that my 'monthly' allowance (actually 28 days) was coming up.


This did not happen this month, and I was wondering why that was. I received a particularly unhelpful message from 3 telling me that my prepay amount had expired (a good few days after it had) and then the even more unhelpful messages telling me exactly how much I have spent on data in bits over the following couple of days.


Can you explain why the messages had been sent fine for the last good few months and then suddenly stopped?

Re: Notifications when data limit reached

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3 Community Manager

@bryanrw Thanks for getting in touch with us here. The text that you received is a courtesy text and is not guaranteed each month. Your My3 App outlines the expiry date of your plan each time you top up so when you click into that App you can take note of that date and set a reminder on your phone. A lot of our customers  use a scheduled top up so the top up is automatic as long as there are sufficient funds for the top up to go through. It takes out the guesswork. You can also set up the scheduled top up in your My3 account.

Re: Notifications when data limit reached


Thanks for the reply Rachel. Can you tell me why it isn't guaranteed each month? I receive a text (I'm assuming it's guaranteed) when I top up, and I always, without fail, receive the (completely useless) texts telling me about data I've spent hours (sometimes days) after I've spent it. Checking the app, setting a reminder on my phone (although I had to go through some serious hoops to get a response as to what exactly constituted 28 days, and how to calculate it) is surely far more work than just sending out reminder texts? As I'm guessing you have to top up the app, I don't see how this helps those of us more forgetful than most.


Is there a way of stopping the reminder texts if they aren't guaranteed? They're the opposite of helpful if they're infrequent.



Re: Notifications when data limit reached

3 Community Manager

@bryanrw can you send me a PM with your number, full name, address, and date of birth 

and I'll check this out for you. They are courtesy texts and as a result, are not guaranteed but we will take your feedback on board. The My3 App was developed to help all of our customers to manage their accounts 24/7. The scheduled top up is automatic so once it's set up on your My3 account, our top-up system will do the rest. I understand trying to remember specific dates every month can be tricky and this is why the scheduled top up is a popular option with our customers. 



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