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Not receiving texts from UK numbers


As the title says, I'm not receiving texts from UK numbers. I have two relatives in the UK that have recently started texting me but I'm not getting either of their texts. They are receiving mine without a problem.


Would it be possible to look into this for me as I'm anxious to keep in touch with them? I know you'll probably need me to PM my details but I'm not sure how to do that (I used to use the forum).


Thank you Smiley Happy

Re: Not receiving texts from UK numbers


@bluecherry74  Are they on the same network in the UK? Could be a problem on their side cuz you can send them. You have to PM the mods but you just go to your inbox and compose a message putting one of them in the recipient box. Here are the mods

This is the guide I used to get to know how to use this community I come from boards as well How to use 

Re: Not receiving texts from UK numbers


Thanks for the reply Emer.


I'm not sure if both are on the same UK network. One of them did contact their provider (BT) who said there was no issue or restriction on their side.


The other one has called me a few times, so that's not an issue. Just seems to be the texts that don't go through.


I'll send through a PM with my details anyway and hopefully there's a solution.


Re: Not receiving texts from UK numbers


Texts go through the SMSC in the network and thats where the problem is, either on the UK side or on Three.


My suggestion is for them to use a different messaging app like Viber etc if you having issues, as these issues with texts can sometimes take a while to get resolved.

Re: Not receiving texts from UK numbers

3 Community Manager

Thanks all @bluecherry74, have you had a chance to look at how to PM us as @EmerCK suggested or tried Viber (thanks @billbond4)? I'm happy to look into this in more detail for you, just send me your number, address and date of birth in PM and we'll go from there 👍 

Re: Not receiving texts from UK numbers


I did send my details through in a PM to 



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