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Re: Not receiving certain text messages

Hmm In your messaging app, you don't have any settings option?

Re: Not receiving certain text messages

Hi billbond4,

Nothing that can be an issue. I was with another company before and I never had this kind of issue.. I really don't know what can I do.

Re: Not receiving certain text messages

3 Community Manager

@Elodie85 do you know the numbers that these messages come from? If so let me know here and you mentioned passwords as well. Are these passwords from your bank also?  


Re: Not receiving certain text messages


I am having exactly the same issue. Recently switched from 3 Prepay to 3 Bill Pay and that is when I started experiencing the issue. I can receive/send normal SMS just fine.


I contacted the support twice and on this and both times they explained to me that the tech team have resolved it.


It is annoying not being able to verify my accounts because I can't receive VISA verified, MasterCard, messages from my bank for verification and other 2-factor authentication system messages. 


I even got a SIM replacement and still, the issue persists. 


I have tried my SIM in Huawei P20 Pro and it didn't work, still no messages. 

I also tried it in an iPhone 8 Plus and same thing. 


I even tried other peoples SIM cards in my phone, thinking maybe it is the phones fault. But with my friends SIM in my phone, they receive the messages just fine.



Re: Not receiving certain text messages


Your problem is that the number for the SMSC is not being saved on your sim 

Tell us what you see when you do this.

  1. From your Home screen, tap the Application screen icon.
  2. Find and tap Phone.
  3. Type *#*#4636#*#*.
  4. Tap Phone information.
  5. Scroll down to SMSC.
  6. tap Refresh.   ->> What number do you see in SMSC?

Re: Not receiving certain text messages



This same thing is happening to me. I can get sms from friends mobile but most automated sms never get through. Some do though, as I got one from Microsoft. Verify-By-VISA switched off the SMS authentication for me because of this. Now I need to do this type of thing for work and need to register with Twilio which involves getting a verification code via SMS and I'm stuck. Support told me to swap my SIM with another phone so I have to go find another iPhone 5 user and ask them to do me a favor (which I know is a pointless action anyway).  Is there anything any one can do for me? It is obviously a common problem and I see that it has been resolved for other users.




Re: Not receiving certain text messages

You're getting some though so maybe it's the Seder where the issue lies. I think it's to do with whatever protocols need to be passed for the message to send and deliver and I don't think it can be helped but see how you get on trying it in another phone. There are some articles on it just google search but I can't see the sender changing format. Sorry I just read some things on it so my understanding is basic enough.

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