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New phone - trouble topping up/getting online




I'm an existing Prepay customer and recently got a new phone, a Moto 3rd Generation. I really like it, but I'm having some problems.


I transferred the SIM card from my old phone to my new one, and received a text from 3 saying my phone couldn't be automatically set up for internet and picture messaging. However, I've been going online, making and receiving calls for a few days with no problems, so I figured it was fine. Last night, though, my phone refused to go online without wifi and went to "emergency calls only".


I figured it was a topping up issue, so I've topped up, but I haven't received a text confirming my top up (although I got an email), and I still can't make calls or go online. Does anyone know why this is happening??


Re: New phone - trouble topping up/getting online


Hey @Anonymous,


I can help you out here! Have you been able to access your data? Would you be able to let me know the APN settings you've gotten on your phone? I can check your top up here too if you'd like to PM some details. 


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