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Network /phone issues.

Hi just a quick question. I have been having service issues at my house for the last 3 months .(it was the issues with masts and my actual phone ) Now since Saturday the service has been fixed and it works in my work phone but not in my personal Three phone . When enqured about it I was told I can only upgrade in March and three can’t do anything to overwrite that . I am happy with network now and with service yet three will rather see me walking to different provider than upgrade my account in order to get my services up and running again . Any suggestions guys ?
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Re: Network /phone issues.

3 Moderator

@Armandsk thanks for reaching out. Can you fill me in a bit more? Are you having difficulties with all services or just data? Are you getting any error messages? Is this happening only at your home address or in other locations? Is it happening specifically indoors or outdoors?


Re: Network /phone issues.

Hi ,

Thank you for your reply . My network problem was when I am home but as
previously explained this issue got resolved and network part is working
fine now . My phone tough is dropping calls and displaying call fail
messages . As explained it works in other handset so the issue is with my
handset . I believe I have 2.5 months left till upgrade and I do not wish
or have the option to buy a new phone for full price . When enquired about
upgrade I was told sorry there is nothing we can do . I am currently
waiting for my account to close on 13th of January to move to different
provider as it worked out cheaper to resolve this situation in that way . I
am sad to leave three as I have couple accounts with them but it seems no
one is interested to help out in this situation.

Re: Network /phone issues.

3 Moderator

@Armandsk thanks for filling me in. I'll be more than happy to look into it here for you if you'd like? If you're ok with this can you PM me the following info:

1. Full name

2. Phone number

3. Address where you're experiencing the difficulties

4. The address and date of birth registered to your account?


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