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Money dissapearing from my account - chat help useless


Hi I was on to your chat three times already as there was a significant drop in my account balance. I am subscribed to regular auto top-up every 28 days and I dont check my balance as I use mostly internet to connect with my close ones and most of my family is with three. But now in a span of 3 weeks I had to top up once on top of my 28 regular top-up, then another regular top up was in and now I had to top up again - I cant check my usage online as THREE is not providing that option. I have requested my usage report 3 times through the chat and I got NOTHING. Each time I'm talking to someone in a foreign country (I'm guessing India) and now some guy named Anand told me that my money will dissappear from my account after 6 months...well it will If I dont use it according to terms and conditions here

Which is not the case as I have been using my phone for chargeable connections every single month to my knowledge...

All I want is to understand where is my money dissappearing as over the span of a month 40euro just did can someone tell me what to do ?

Re: Money dissapearing from my account - chat help useless

3 Moderator

Hi dekiello,


Thanks for getting in touch. I can see you have just registered for the Community, so welcome 😃 When you have the time take a look at this 3MadeEasy blog on how to perfect your Community account


Now, not to worry I'll look into this for you. How much credit had you built up in your balance? You'd need to make a chargeable service every 180 days in order for the credit to remain active, this would be making a call or sending a text. Have you been using the credit to call non Three numbers at all? 

Re: Money dissapearing from my account - chat help useless

Thats the thing, I dont really know as I wasnt checking it because of the
regular top-ups , and yes I would be calling numbers outside three - local
numbers and also sending texts to these are chargeable for
sure. I'm waiting currently for the third time will I get lucky and the
usage report will be sent so I can see what is happening...

Re: Money dissapearing from my account - chat help useless

3 Community Manager

Each of the top ups are treated separately, if there's no chargeable transaction on them then they expire after 180 days. The usage report will show you the charges and the dates of the charges as well for the specified period of time. I just want to make sure that this is what you want to see in order to rule out the possibility that the credit didn't expire and was used? Sometimes the usage report ends up in spam folder so make sure you check there as well. 

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