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Missing Credit

I checked my account balance on Monday and I had approximately 40 euro credit (I had topped up by the 30 euro get ten euro free promotion in December and had used very little). I then topped up by 20 euro as it was the last day of my allowance so as to keep my free data, so I should have had about 60 euro in credit then. Since Monday I have made two transactions billing my three account on the play store at 16.99 and 9.32 respectively, and my only phone call was to another three customer, so shouldn't have cost me any credit. Yet today I got a text from Google play to say that my suscription payment for Google play music which I also bill from my credit every month, had been declined, and upon checking my balance I only have €5.77 in credit. It says I haven't used any data outside of my allowance (which I wouldn't have) and that I have my data, texts and three calls, so I have no idea where that credit went. I should have at least 33 euro in credit left, so I would like to know where all that has gone?
Posted From Samsung SM-N910F

Re: Missing Credit


Hi there, can you PM us your number, name, address, DOB and email address? I'll check this out. 

Re: Missing Credit

I topped up my phone with €10.00, received my confirmation text and when I tried to make a call a minute later I was informed that my account balance was €00.00. I have not been able to achieve a satisfactory explanation from the online 3 chat experts, any ideas?

Re: Missing Credit

Hi there, can you PM your number, address and date of birth and I'll look into this for you?

Re: Missing Credit


Do you mean to give details as an email?

Re: Missing Credit

No, click the link that says send me a pm

Posted From Sony G8441
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