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Issues with mobile data




I am posting because of some problems I am currently having. I am on prepay : €20 unlimited internet, free texts and 3 to 3 calls for 28 days. I am currently having an issue where my phone says I have a 3g signal, but I am not getting any internet. I live in the countryside and this is basically the only internet access I have. I usually tether my phone to my laptop to browse the internet. Up until last Thursday everything was working fine. I still have 11 days left before I need to top up again so that's not the problem. I have already reset the network settings. If I turn on airplane mode and turn it off, after a while the phone signal resets and 3g pops up again, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. It will always say I have a 3g signal though. Earlier today I got a random 4g signal and it wasn't giving me internet still. Also for a brief period today when I had a connection, the adult filter was turned on, but has since been turned off. 


Any help on the issue would be appreciated. Thanks.


TLDR My phone says I have a 3g/4g signal, but I get no internet connection and random turning on of adult filter.

Re: Issues with mobile data

3 Moderator

Hi Eoin 👋 I'd like to take a look at that for you. Can you send me on your mobile number, address and date of birth in a PM so I can investigate this for you? Ashlee 

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