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Internet outside of your allowance

i posted previously about my issue with internet outside of my allowance and i wish to clear up one last issue: does the charge of a euro pure mega bite simply take the left over credit i have when topping up outside the 28 days or does it take money from my account?

Previously, i was charged €48 euro and topped up €20 and the charge was gone. It is something i have contacted three about and i simply wish to put my money worries to rest.

Re: Internet outside of your allowance

If you're prepay it should only take what credit (money) you have left over. Once this is gone you won't have Internet so no further money should be deducted. Perhaps a 3 representative can confirm this?

Re: Internet outside of your allowance

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3 Community Manager

@brianne I can confirm 100% that when your plan expires, the charges can only amount to what you have in your credit balance and you can't be charged any more than that on Prepay.  Thanks @tonyalfa for your answer Smiley Happy 


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