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International Travel


I will be traveling to Dublin next week from the US and am planning to get a local SIM card for service while I am in Ireland. I am specifically interested in Three's 20 Euro prepay plan as it appears to provide everything I would need. I'm wondering if I should order my SIM ahead of time and have it sent to friends in Dublin or if it is easier to find a local Three store and get a SIM there?


Additionally, are there any issues or restrictions to this approach that I should know about? I have an unlocked GSM phone (LG Nexus 5), so I believe that my device should work without issue.


Thanks for any assistance you might be able to provide!

Re: International Travel

HI, it depends on the phone. Phones made in the USA are usually built with network bands that are not compatible with European network bands.

Safest bet is to refer to the retailer to find out it's compatibility with network SIMs abroad? Steve

Re: International Travel


Hi Steve,


Thanks for the help. I've confirmed that my phone does not (unfortunately) support the LTE bands that Three uses. However, it does appear to support the GSM bands that Three uses. Do you know if this means that I could still use the Three SIM but I would only have 3G internet?


Having data would be important but I'm not terribly concerned about having LTE data. If I could get reliable 3G data and make local calls, that would be sufficient.


Many thanks!

Re: International Travel

3 Moderator

Hi, if the GSM bands are compatible then your device should work. We can't guarantee it, as we can't guarantee service on a device not sold directly from us, but if the bands are compatible it should work Smiley Happy


If you've any other questions let me know, Elaine. 


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