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International SMS issue (France - Ireland)

Hello !

It’s been a few months that I’m having issues sending and receiving SMS to/from France.

-For some of my contacts I can send the message, they receive it but I don’t receive their answer.
-For some other, I can’t send my message but they can send to me and I receive.

It always goes in one way but not the other.
I’ve tried different French carrier same issue.

I contacted Three, they raised a ticket and advised me to change my SIM. I did it, the issue remains the same.
I changed my phone : same.

There is definitely a network/carrier issue and I would like to know where does it come from and how to fix it. Thank you ! 🙂

Re: International SMS issue (France - Ireland)

3 Moderator

@LcS thanks for getting in touch and providing all the info, much appreciated. Can you PM me the following details so I can look into this in more detail for you:

1. Phone number

2. Full name

3. Address 

4. Date of birth

Re: International SMS issue (France - Ireland)

Hi there, repeatedly, I topped up last night 20 euro and my bank account was charged 20 euro. However my 3g still is not working and my account says I have no more international data (I am in spain.) Is this something I can fix today? Thank you!

Re: International SMS issue (France - Ireland)

3 Moderator

@brook23m Have you checked your balance to see if the credit has applied from your top up? If not, then your plan isn't active which could be why you've no international data. You've mentioned your 3G is not working, can you clarify if you mean you can't use it or there no 3G or data symbol on your phone? Happy to help here 😊

Re: International SMS issue (France - Ireland)

I had a software update on my galaxy S8 Monday and since then I have been having issues with text messages. I couldn't find any release notes about the update, but I also don't know where to look.

I've had multiple SMS or MMS messages fail to send using different apps(textra, Samsung messages, Google messages). Maybe the update is just a coincidence, but is anyone else having issues or can help out troubleshooting this?

Re: International SMS issue (France - Ireland)

3 Community Manager

@Rahulsalve are the Multiple SMS and MMS being sent to the same number or lots of numbers. Have all your SMS and MMS failed since then or just some? I'll do my best to help you here 😊 

Re: International SMS issue (France - Ireland)

I come back here after having wait for 10 days for an answer.
Three told me that the issue came from the French carrier Orange.

I’ve tested everything again to confirm it :
I have no issue sending and received text from SFR, Bouygues and Free.

Three asked me to contact Orange but how can I do it if I’m not a customer there, I have no reference.
Is it not to Three to deal with the other carrier ? I mean I’m the only one having the issue. I’m not going to ask all my contacts to call Orange and ask them to fix the issue.

There is clearly a problem between the two carrier so I don’t really understand why do I have to do half of the job? 🤔

Thank you.

Re: International SMS issue (France - Ireland)

If you've no problem using the other carriers then why not just stick with them while in france. I don't know a lot about roaming, but your using the other network so 3 have very little they can do then. Not sure why you were asked to contact Orange.
I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: International SMS issue (France - Ireland)

I don’t think you got my point.
I’m living in Ireland and I’m only using Three network with my Three SIM card. I can’t send and receive text with people who use Orange network in France. But I don’t have any issue with all the other French carriers.

There is clearly an issue between Three here in Ireland and Orange there in France.

So basically I’m paying my Three plan here in Ireland but I can only enjoy it at 80% because there is a service not working.

And Three is asking me to contact Orange to fix the issue... how ?! I’m not even a customer for them. Really...

Re: International SMS issue (France - Ireland)

Yeah I didn't get that bit, see your point now. There must be something happening to block the texts. Whatsapp is something I use for texting other countries. Surely though if it was a network thing, more people would have that issue? Anyone with Three able to send a text to the number you can't? A friend maybe?
I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

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