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How does internet allowance/ mobile date works ?

Hello all, last month I topped 30 euro and had 10 euro bonus ( total on phone was so of 40 euro). I used internet during the next 28 days but stopped after for not using it too much . However I received today texts that I used 11euro in internet but I did not turned on my mobile date and so internet neither ( only wifi ) . Which is why I would really appreciate some details on how mobile data/ internet allowance works and how to see the detailed for the months used data ( PDF for example, with dates ) thank you very much for your help. Zhuxi
Posted From OnePlus A5000

Re: How does internet allowance/ mobile date works ?

3 Staff

Hi Zhuxi, when did you top up by the €30 last month? It sounds like your plan had expired and have been charged for internet services. If you have your mobile data or data roaming switched on, you'll be charged once the plan has expired. Do you have WiFi assist on your phone? Is this enabled? I can send you out a usage report which will give you a breakdown of your usage over the last 30 days. If you'd like me to send this to you, please PM me your number, name, address and date of birth plus your email, please. 

Re: How does internet allowance/ mobile date works ?

1euro = 1mb of data.
I.e twitter app update = 13mb, so any background data use will eat any left over balance when out of 28 days

Posted From Sony E5823
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