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EU roaming

I have arrived in another country today and I received a message telling me that the €20 top up plan includes 5gb of data roaming in EU. So I used the roaming service. And just now all of a sudden I received several messages telling me that I have been charged on internet service. Then I checked and saw I've been charged for more than €40. I thought I can get 5gb roaming but it seems like it's not the case?

Re: EU roaming


Hi milacy, the new EU roaming rates became active from May 15th. Did you top up after this date by €20 to activate this? 

Re: EU roaming

So i need to top up after May 15th to receive the 5gb roaming allowance? And why was the message on the amount spent on roaming sent together only after I have been charged for €40?

Re: EU roaming

3 Community Manager

You'd need to have topped up after May 19th to receive the 5GB roaming allowance. The spend alerts are not sent in real time and can be delayed when roaming. Every time you top up by €20 and activate your plan from the 19th of May, you're activating 5GB data roaming also, automatically. 


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