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Re: EU Roaming

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I sent over private message so I could attach the screenshot

Re: EU Roaming

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Just an update on the situation...

I think the message they sent was completely unclear. To me it says that the new regulation starts form May 19th, but it does not say that you have to top up 20 euro after May 19th to activate it..

You can see how many other people were mislead by this..


The message sent was: the one attached





And the other received while abroad (the one above is from within the EU) was even more misleading as it didn't mention any date!!



Re: EU Roaming

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Long story short, 3 has stop any communication with me, which allows me to escalate to the regulator.

If you are from Ireland, this is the link:



Re: EU Roaming

Hi, these positive changes are price plan specific and all affected customers will be communicated with shortly. However, If you want to discuss the changes now, please call the team at the number provided. We can’t speak about the specifics of your account here so the team at 1800818021 are on hand to assist. If there is anything else we can help with here, please let me know. Thanks

Re: EU Roaming

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Unfortunately I'm in Brazil, so I can't call you. You have also left me with no credit do to you misleading charges. So I am now in a foreign country on a different continent with no credit at all!!

That's a good service isn't it? Especially considering that I have contacted you 3 days ago..

I think you should give me back my credit immediately and not keep wasting time sending a message back to me form time to time.

Re: EU Roaming - final resolution

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Finally I ended up lodging a complaint with the regulator and moving to IDMobile... they offer much better deals at lower price.


Re: EU Roaming

Had a similar problem on billpay when three failed to specify that these regs. only come in to effect from next bill cycle despite telling me by text May 20th of increased allowance.
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