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Do not have 4G and 3G keeps dropping out


I have an iPhone 8 Plus and my pre-pay deal states that if I top up by €20, I get unlimited 4G. I work in the business campus in Maynooth, Co. Kildare and I never have 4G signal on my phone. I do however, get a full signal "3G" connection. However, this connection is painfully slow and constantly drops out.


After doing 5 speedtests, my average download speed on 3G in Maynooth is 2.41Mbps and my upload speed is 0.52Mbps. This is with full signal mind you and that is the speed I get when it doesn't cut out.

Several times a day, the connection slows to a crawl. I am still connected to 3G and I still have full bars of signal, however no web pages will load at all. Eventually after a while, usually 10-20 minutes, it comes back.

Even when the signal isn't cutting out, it still takes 10-20 seconds to load a basic Google search. All I can practically do is send and receive messages and even that is unreliable what with the connection dropping out constantly.


Is there some maintenance happening in the Maynooth area for my connection to be so spotty and slow over the past few days? Unless my signal is being throttled for some reason, I can't see why I am receiving sub-2G speeds when I am paying for 4G. I can understand that not everywhere in the country will have 4G signal, but I would expect to at least have a usable 3G signal.


Thanks in advance.

Re: Do not have 4G and 3G keeps dropping out


Hi Mark 👋 Thanks for getting in touch. In some areas, 4G may not be available due to high levels of traffic on the local mast. I have checked the coverage in Maynooth and every seems to be ok. Can you possibly send me a PM with your mobile number, name address and date of birth I will look further into this for you  👍 Shane


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