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Disappearing Credit - 3 Like Home


Hi there,

I have been using the 3 Like Home service in the UK for the past few months on and off with no problems.  I purchase €20 top up each month and avail of the all you can eat data, unlimited texts, 3 to 3 calls, etc.

It was all going fine until I had my phone stolen last week so had to purchase a new 3 phone and sim.  I ported my own number onto the new sim and so I had all my credit (roughly €30) transferred onto the new sim too.  However, my credit is now being drained on data usage (I think) and is not being used up from the dedicated data allowance provided to me through the €20 top up deal.  As a result, €10 of my credit has been taken in the last few days for Internet services.  There has been instances where my phone has automatically switched to the O2 UK network in areas with no 3 coverage which may explain some of the credit drainage, however I have now disabled my phone from switching automatically and my credit is still being used up.

Can you please look into this for me to help me figure out what's going on?


Re: Disappearing Credit - 3 Like Home

Hi @Anonymous, it sounds like your phone isn't sticking on the Three UK network which is causing charges. Have you manually selected the Three UK network? What model of phone are you using now?

Re: Disappearing Credit - 3 Like Home

Hi Sheena,
Yes like I said I have disabled automatic network selection so that it stays on 3. My only concern is that after manually selecting the 3 network my credit reduced further - only by about 12c but I am concerned that there may be some glitch which will continue to drain my credit. Im using a Samsung Galaxy A3

Re: Disappearing Credit - 3 Like Home

Can you send through a PM with your details and I'll check it on this side? 


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