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Dilema - Hotspot prepay vs Broadband capped data.

Heres the thing, a huge chunk of my data each month on prepay mobile sim is towards hotspot for gaming. With that comes the blockage of inbound data traffic so i cant use port forwarding. Where as on a mobile broadband plan id be charged 50 euro a month for less than 100gb of data. In my area we dont have acess to high speed broadband and three is our only option. Its not fast but it does the job, my issues are based on nat type and ports. Im familiar with the fact that theres no support for port opening and nat type changes, but id like to understand why i can use my mobile for gaming with unlimited data yet cant seem to get the same affect with an actual broadband package that charges you extortionately per mb outside of the plan.

Re: Dilema - Hotspot prepay vs Broadband capped data.

Hi Dazza, we can assign you a public IP to your broadband account which will help with this 👍 Can you send me a PM with your number, name, address and date of birth, please? I'll check if the account has a public IP assigned to it. 


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