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Hi, I’ve just got a problem with my Deezer. Automatically it stopped to skip the musics after 6 months using in that partnership with 3.

Re: Deezer

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3 Community Manager

@Username_2018  I've changed your username as you were using your mobile number and for security reasons that's not in your best interests. You'll be sent an email to reset your password as well, just so you're aware. Did you sign up for the 6 month promotion for Deezer and it's finished now is that right? If you're noticing anything has changed with your account such as how you had it set up, music selection or anything like that you'll need to get in touch with Deezer directly. The reason is, we have no access to your Deezer account and the offer was for our customers to avail of this 'On us' for a specified time Smiley Happy The role of support for account related queries lies with Deezer themselves. 


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