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Re: Credit disappeared without warning

Hi @lokhad and @AdiB, thank you both for highlighting your experience with Three.


To keep your prepay plan active, you must top up every 28 days with €20. Outside of those 28 days you will be charged for all your usage. As the Mods have mentioned earlier in the thread, you can set up a reminder on your phone so that you don't go over the 28 days.


Check out our blog post here - - which should help to clear up how the plan works. 


We don't currently send out notification texts when the 28 days are nearly up, but I like that idea and we have passed it onto the online team on your behalf.


Thanks again for being a community member, and for sharing your thoughts with us.

Re: Credit disappeared without warning


I'm sorry, but talking and talking and talking does not solve the situation.
I've been using three for 2 years and always three sent sms alerts when I started to use my balance, but nowadays, three do not do that anymore, only when finish my balance and then start sending me sms without stopping Warning that my balance is ending, after was over.
I work in Technology, this is logic programming that Three has changed to consume the balance of consumers and then warns about it.
My injury is for having been stolen by Three (60 euros) and after my balance has over I received the alerts by sms.

Do you think this is correct?
What would you do if it was with you?
Would you hold still?
Would you let Three steal your money that you worked every day to conquer?


I'm going to continue spreading this antics that Three is doing to consumers until it gets resolved and I take my balance back.

Re: Credit disappeared without warning

another situation.
Why my comments started to disappear?
I had several here and now only a few.
What are you guys trying to hide?

Re: Credit disappeared without warning

You will have problems with me until this is resolved.


Re: Credit disappeared without warning

I appreciate that you're frustrated @lokhad but the plan is as advertised, you must top up by €20 every 28 days to keep the plan active. Outside of the 28 days you are charged, and that is what has happened here.


We will not and cannot credit you back for these charges as they are valid. I'm sorry that this is not the answer that you were looking for.


As an aside we have not deleted any posts on this conversation and have a policy of not deleting any posts on the community, unless they violate the community rules.

Re: Credit disappeared without warning

New Member
Hi @Three_Sheena.
This is a joke. What do you write is something what we know to top up after 28 days (not 30). That things with "reminder" is Savage from a company like "3" and I don't mention "notification texts when the 28 days are nearly up".
@Three_Sheena, @lokhad, @cathal246 and others.
Every employee from this company try to "explain" us information like solutions, to tell us "isn't the company problem, you're the problem because don't use a reminder".
An important business company can't afford to send a text notification to customers to increase the company revenue from top up? (amateur decision). I know they will not refund back any money to customers.
I want to speak with Customers Services Manager, not only with employee who represent the company, and I hope he will be interested about customers. Customers who keep the company on market.
I can give a FREE solution if Customers Services Manager are interested about this!

Kind regards,

Re: Credit disappeared without warning

Thanks for your feedback @AdiB, your suggestions have been noted and are much appreciated.


If you wish to log a complaint you can do so on the website here:


If there's anything else that we can help you with, do let us know.

Re: Credit disappeared without warning

New Member
@Three_Sheena I don't have bad intension or something like this, just I what to be ok with my network when I'll top up again. I don't want to look after another network company, I don't want to move or change my phone number if I'm respected and happy. And just one customer knows other at least 5-10 future customers if is happy with his phone network.

Kind regards,

Re: Credit disappeared without warning


@Three_Sheena I am sorry but I definitely got warning texts before with regards to by plan benefits expiring within 24hrs. I was on the phone to a customer service man and he quite rudely hung up on me when i mentioned this. I have got screenshots of these messages in the past. It is very convenient that I did not get this text the one time I had over 50euro on my account.

I do understand that you have to abide by the rules which is why I would like to speak to someone of higher status in the business, directly, as whenever I call 0833333333 they do not allow me to speak with a manager for some reason. (I am sure @lokhad and @AdiB may feel the same way about this) As we are not getting any satisfaction as of yet.


Re: Credit disappeared without warning

Oh and lokhad and adib...I will have no problem in supporting ye as much as i can also!!!

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