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Credit disappeared without warning

Hi, yesterday morning I checked my balance and I had over 50 euro credit. Then a few hours later my balance was 0 and I received three text messages in a row saying I had spent different amounts (totalling over 100 euro) on data since the 19th. I topped up on the 24th of April so I didn't have free data usage for only a few days and I used the internet on phone twice outside of a WiFi zone so I don't understand how the 50 euro got used up, especially since it's seemed to have disappeared in a couple of hours. It's sounds wrong. Is there some sort of hidden daily charge for not having free data or something? Also, could I get a breakdown of these data charges? Thanks.

Re: Credit disappeared without warning


Hi there, data is charged €1.01c per MB when you don't have a data bundle. We can request a usage report for you and it will give you a break down of these charges. 


If you'd like this PM us your number, name, address, DOB and email address? 


Re: Credit disappeared without warning

Ok, how do I send a pm? I'm just seeing the option to add comment and accept as solution?

Re: Credit disappeared without warning over night


All my disappeared over night sure I got texts to say that I had spent so much on internet services but the texts seemed to arrived during the night and mainly at the same time while I was sleeping so I could not switch off the mobile data and I it said that spent I hadn't got therefore I think I owe  money as well and what was really bad today tried to send a text today and wasn't allowed to that really annoyed me.



Re: Credit disappeared without warning over night

Hi paulkin 👋 These messages aren't sent in real time, we'd recommend setting up a reminder in your phone for the date your plan will expire. Could your phone have updated during the night or had back ground programs running on it? Has your plan expired? Can you PM me your full name, number, address and date of birth so I can access your account? Martin. 


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