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Coverage / roaming


I'm visiting Ireland for a few weeks in February and considering Three as my PAYG provider for my phone. I am mostly interested in 3G data  and voice/texts (I'm coming from the US, so 4G LTE bands on my phone probably won't match). I will be spending about half the time in Dublin, and half driving around the country to possibly very remote areas. I'm considering the 20 Euro "All you can eat" option.


1. How good is the 3G coverage, especially in the countryside? Is this on Three's own network, or through O2's network?


2. Is Three roaming on any other networks (Vodafone, Meteor) when there is no native coverage? If so, is it voice only, 2G or 3G?


3. I may travel to Northern Ireland as well. Is "Three like home"roaming included for free on the 20 Euro "all you can eat" prepay, or do I have to buy it separately?


Re: Coverage / roaming


Hi 3r122,


We'd love to have you as a customer for the duration of your stay.


What kind of a phone do you have? Some US bands match with ours, is your phone unlocked?


1.  Since 3 and O2 have merged we have twice as many sites across the country including remote parts of Ireland. Your 3G will be good and you will have 4G in many parts, pending you have a 4G handset. You can use our coverage checker to check specific locations

2. We would roam on Vodafone's network if you cannot connect to a 3 mast. 2G/3G included

3. Three Like Home is included on the prepay tariff. 




Re: Coverage / roaming


Thanks for the answers! I have an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S5, but my understanding is that my version only supports LTE bands 4 and 13. Which LTE bands does Three use?


Just to confirm what you said: Three will always roam on Vodafone if necessary on both voice and data (3G) - so there should be no areas where I'd get 3G on Vodafone but not on Three, right?


One more question: does Three block any services (e.g. Skype, VOIP, SSH, etc) on the PAYG plan?



Re: Coverage / roaming

3 Community Manager

The LTE bands that we use are 800MHz and 1800MHz.  We don't share all masts with Vodafone so it would only roam if you're in a location where we are mast sharing with them.  There's an adult filter on all prepay accounts but you can have this removed by sending us a screenshot of the I.D. or walking into a three store with it after it's registered with your details.  Rachel


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