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Considering elsewhere, bad service in short time

Are there new changes in three?
* When I top up €20 I usually get unlimited texts. Yet on my usage I can see there were periods last month that I was charged. I no longer get text notifications to say it's been applied when i top up yet I can see its active when I log into my account.
* is there no longer a text reply service for finding out my balance? Is it only calls to hear my balance?
* I am unable to access my €5 data add on. On my usage screen it tells me 0/500 used. Yet when I click in it tells me 500/500.
I've text the usual number to buy the add on but nothing happens.
* this has left me using up €20 for less than half an hours worth of viewing content. And while using the data I received a text saying €2 has been automatically taken for some other data deal.

Seriously three, what is going on????

I had to deal with your agents last month and the month before because there was unauthorised payments taken from my account.

I had been with 02 for years , since they took over the previous company, and now with three since they tookover, since October I've had nothing but problem after problem.

I'm seriously considering moving elsewhere as this is too much problem in such shortage of time.

Re: Considering elsewhere, bad service in short time

If they are times you were charged then did those messages have emojis or pics in them? They're not part of text package. They send using data which might explain the 2 euro charge. My3 might be best place to take off or add on the data you use. I'm not familiar with that plan you're talking about but I have seen someone else here talling about it so that what I picked up. Not sure if its any use.
I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: Considering elsewhere, bad service in short time

3 Community Manager

Thanks, @Mac_n_cheese that's really helpful. @Euro If you'd like me to look into this fully, let me know, please. You can send a PM with your number, address, date of birth and your full name for validation so I can access your account? 

Re: Considering elsewhere, bad service in short time

Hi Mac and Cheese, the €2 charge was while my son was watching you tube, data and credit was already being used for that, but then the message came in about €2 been taken for so many MBS, I think some daily data add on... Something along those lines!!!

The one with messages being charged, even though i have unlimited texts, I can't remember whether emojis were used, definetely not pics , but msgs were charged 17c.
For this though , I'm thinking maybe my 28 days was up and I didn't top up as I still had credit.

Re: Considering elsewhere, bad service in short time

I'll pm you now @Three_Rachel

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