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Charged Twice for Top-up

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I have an Auto-Topup set up to top up €20 each month for the all you can eat data. However, my credit balance has gone from 13 to 53 and on my online banking, there are two charges by Three of €20.


I contacted your live chat and was instructed that I needed to email a screenshot of the transactions and this screenshot must include IBAN, etc.


I did so but today received an email stating that my proof is invalid. I am being asked to provide scanned copies of paper statements. I do not receive paper statements, I only use online banking and furthermore to order a paper statement would incur a fee and many days waiting. I also am not comfortable providing you a full statement.


Could someone please look into this, because I am considering contacting the bank to ask for reversal of an unauthorised transaction.


This is really inconvenient and I cannot believe that you have no ability to ascertain whether I have been topped up twice  without receiving full copies of my banking history.


Re: Charged Twice for Top-up

3 Community Manager

@bert thanks for all the detail below. I'll certainly look into this without further delay. Send me on your number, full name, address and date of birth so I can access your account. We'll go from there 👍 


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