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Cannot send Eircom emails from iPhone


Firstly I have my email set up with these settings:


Incoming mail server:

Outgoing mail server:


I have tried with my eircom wi-fi(Broadband) and using 3 data with wi-fi turned off. I get the message "The connection to the outgoing server "" failed. Additional outgoing mail servers can be configured in settings > mail > contacts, calendars". I realise my wi-fi has nothing got to do with 3 but the outgoing server does not work with 3's server.


If I turn off 3 data and use eircom wi-fi I get "A copy has been placed in your outbox. The recipient ******* was rejected by the server because it does not support relaying.


What is annoying is using Eircoms standard mail settings, and I had no issues when I was using a Vodafone sim so obviously 3 handles these outgoing emails in a different manner. What can I do to resolve this please, as even using 3's own outgoing mail server is not working with only 3 data turned on and wi-fi off. Has this server changed. At the moment the only way I can use my email is to turn 3 data off, turn my wi-fi on and change the outgoing server to, hardly ideal.



Re: Cannot send Eircom emails from iPhone

Shouldn't outgoing be  ? change to that and see?

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