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Cancel Prepay Account


What does it mean if I cancel my prepay account>

Re: Cancel Prepay Account

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Hi @Anonymous


To cancel a prepay account would mean: You lose all your remaining credit, offers and mobile number. It will be assigned to someone else in 12 months, the number I mean. You would no longer have access to it.

Re: Cancel Prepay Account


Not strictly true about the phone number.

You can port your number to new provider prior to cancelling.

Anyway, how do you cancel? Isn't it just a case of not using or topping up the sim?

Re: Cancel Prepay Account

Yeah you can move it elsewhere like to a different network but the other guys right if you cancel it like just cancel the prepay completely your credit won't move with you and three can give the number to someone else. I moved to Virgin about 2 years ago but moved back to three 3 months after it. Kept my number.
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