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Re: Can't access Web Texts -

I'd just rather there was an open thread on it, so they realise it's not sufficient to just stick up a message on the website saying they're working on it

Re: Can't access Web Texts -

There's an open topic under announcement section in the hub. They are updating webtext so when that's complete that topic will have the information.
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Re: Can't access Web Texts -

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I think you are 100% correct.


This problem has NOT been solved at all given the level of frustration expressed by all those customers who have been trying to access THREE Ireland's Webtexts service since "this latest in a series of prolonged outages" was originally highlighted back around 1st December. 


The only details I have noticed updating on the advisory notice issued on behalf of THREE seems to be "the date" which automatically changes around 12Midnight every night! The core message in the advisory has remained the same for quite some time. 


Many customers will probably be aware by now that there are Other Mobile Phone Operators in Ireland who also provide a FREE Webtext Services online which are listed as follows:

(1) Vodafone Ireland total of 600 Free webtexts every 30 days
(2) eir Mobile total of 400 free webtexts each month (this includes 100 international webtexts)
(3) Tesco Mobile total of 250 webtexts each month (which is made up of 200 free national webtexts and 50 free international webtexts each month)


If THREE Ireland's Webtext had been working all along, customers should have been able to send up to 500 webtexts per month but this is impossible whenever the service is down which is known to happen quite a lot.


So much for THREE Ireland's earlier assurances to keep it's customers fully informed as things were progressing. As each day passes there is a growing number of unhappy customers at THREE Ireland who are probably considering a switch to Other Mobile Networks that also provide free Webtext services to their customers.


The upcoming Christmas/New Year holiday break might be a very convenient time for unhappy customers at THREE Ireland to do some research and make decisions as it looks unlikely that THREE Ireland's Webtexts service will be restored anytime soon, if at all at this rate. I've seen similar negative reaction from a growing number of customers on THREE Ireland's forum hosted on


THREE Ireland is losing valuable goodwill over the way it has mis-handled this whole situation to date and I do not think customers are interested in hearing any more words of apology while the Webtext service remains out of action indefinitely. 


Re: Can't access Web Texts -

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Hi Folks,


We are currently working through the Webtext update. It is now possible to access this service but for this, you may need to re-register your details. You will be able to send national webtexts, however contacts cannot currently be accessed or saved.


We apologise for any inconvenience during this time and will continue to keep you updated here.



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