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Breakdown of data usage on your bill


I'm on the aul' EU20 pre pay, which purports to give you all you can eat data for your 28 day billing cycle.

True to form, I started getting spammed by texts yesterday telling me the increasing amounts I have been charged for 'data usage outside my policy', since 22nd Dec (which is the date of my last top up), and is sitting at about 45MB at a cost of EU50 at this stage. 

My bill of course gives no more details around this at all, and I'd like more information on how this is calculated?

Now, I've checked the T's and C's and I cannot seem to find anything the way of a 'fair usage policy' on this, other than 3 stating that they have the right to slow your service if you're using too much bandwidth?

I need more info than that!

Re: Breakdown of data usage on your bill

Hi there, can you send me on your name, number, address and date of birth in a PM and I'll have a look at your account. When your All You Can Eat Data plan is active you won't be charged for data. If you do reach the 60GB fair usage limit and your usage impacts other customers your service may be limited, but you won't be charged. 


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