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BOI 365 Top-Up / Refund

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Hi there,

I want a refund, what happened was - I've topped up my account this morning around 11AM via BOI365 android mobile app and my bank account was charged with 20€ but Three never processed that payment to my mobile number. What happened next is I had to go to the store to buy 20€ top up and top up manually. At this moment three still didn't process my BOI topping up and I want a refund. I can provide you with more info if needed.




Re: BOI 365 Top-Up / Refund

Hi Petra320 👋 I can look into this for you. Can you PM me your full name, number, address and date of birth so I can access your account? Have you checked your bank account to see if this  €20 has been taken from your account or if it's sill pending? If it's been taken can you send me a screenshot of this money being taken out of your account please? You can block out any other information you wish, Martin. 


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