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Almost no service, Cornamona / Dooghta


For the past 3 days  all of our 3 phones have intermittent ,  basically non-existent, data service.  in this immediate area.


I'm talking about the area shown here.,+Co.+Galway/@53.511339,-9.484171,15z



turning  mobile data  off and back on often gets data for a minute or a few seconds but then it's gone again.  Up until  3 days ago the service here was excellent.

What's happened please?

Re: Almost no service, Cornamona / Dooghta

Hi @eerht 👋 I've checked the area and everything looks to be up and running so I'd like to look into this further for you. Can you let me know when exactly this first began, what type of signal is showing on your phone, ie 3G/4G, how many signal bars you have and whether your mobile data is also affected? What kind of phone are you using? Aoife


Re: Almost no service, Cornamona / Dooghta


The problems started around midday on 22nd May.  both phones intermittently lost all connection to 3 ,  the signal strength has been weak since then with data  unavailable most of the time,  but sometimes working for a few minutes.




gone again,  right now as i type this  3 unavailable (even basic phone service, and then back on again.....    now.


there has been no service at all here most of the afternoon .



The service ,when working , is 3G

  I've never seen 4G around here



If I walk up the hill it gets a decent signal, but until Tuesday  I was getting 6Mb indoors   steady,  now      I'm lucky to see 1Mb  outside.


phones are iPhone5  and moto e2                  I'm finishing this message to you  outside as there is  now  no 3 signal whatsoever indoors


I hope to send this now ,  I've been trying most of the afternoon


Re: Almost no service, Cornamona / Dooghta

3 Community Manager

Thanks @eerht I've checked again and your mast is up and running. However, our tech team are aware that another mast located nearby is partially down and this could be having a knock on affect on your service. I've linked in with them directly to query this and I'll come back to you as soon as I have an update. 

Re: Almost no service, Cornamona / Dooghta

No service (internet) in Achill (Mayo) either. Please tell us whats happening and when fixed. Why do we pay for no service? 3 days this has been going on.

Re: Almost no service, Cornamona / Dooghta

3 Community Manager

@mayoman I've come back to you on your own topic there. I'll continue to help you there. 

@eerht have you seen any improvement? Tech have come back to me and and your mast isn't showing any dip in performance so if you're still experiencing the same thing I'll arrange for your service to be investigated. All I need is your number, name , address and date of birth by PM when you get a chance. Thanks'

Re: Almost no service, Cornamona / Dooghta


Hi,   it  has taken me, literally, 3 days to get this reply to you, (and that's if the internet access stays on for the next minute while type this.)

   no data here,    it's on a for a minute  or a few seconds,  and gone again for hours .  

none all Sunday evening on any device indoors or out.     The population this area increases when tourists start arriving ,  is your network overloaded?    it's like using Starbucks wifi 15 years ago.

 please please fix it.,

Re: Almost no service, Cornamona / Dooghta

I'm going to get our tech team to look into this for you @eerht Can you send me a PM with your account details please? 


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