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Adult Filter- Foreign Traveller

Hello, I need help in removing the Adult Filter on my phone. I purchased a pay-as-you-go sim for my Holiday from the US. I was only in The U.K. For 3 days and cannot return to a store to have this done.
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Re: Adult Filter- Foreign Traveller

3 Staff

Hi Ianccarter, can you send me a PM with your number, name, address and date of birth, please? I'll remove the filter for you. 

Re: Adult Filter- Foreign Traveller

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Thank you For your help.

My Name is 


Phone Number:


Thanks again!


Re: Adult Filter- Foreign Traveller

3 Moderator

You've posted your details publicly but I've removed them. Can you send them again to me in a private message? Do you have a Irish number? Can you send me on the IMEI number of the phone? You can get this by dialling *#06#  into your phone. 

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