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4G mast location question



I've set up an external 4g antenna to the side of my home and pointed it towards the nearest mast that the website ComReg SiteViewer lists which is about 1.4km away. 


I was twiddling with the antenna and saw there's an app called Opensignal which lists a mast just in the field at the back of my home about 70m away but cannot see this on ComReg. Would I be able to give you the Opensignal ID for the mast behind my home and could you check that it emits 4G?








Re: 4G mast location question


Hi James 👋 Welcome to the Community! 😊 Can you send me the information you have there and I'll have a look for you? Conor

Re: 4G mast location question

Send you a PM there Conor. Thanks

Re: 4G mast location question

The mast that's only 70m might be too close due to way radio waves are formed , you might get better speeds from the further away mast


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