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3G is faster than 4G!! HOW?

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How you can call yourselves a "ISP" or any of that sort is beyond me.


I like in the ballycloughan area witht he nearest mast being Ardagh and the majority of the time the 3G is faster than the 4G. How is that even possible? Imagine in the area have 40mb down with no problem. Why can't three have at least over 10MB down? It's an absolute joke I am honestly thinking about leaving you lot as soon as I can.


What the funny thing is that every single provider is fine with internet. It's just three that's bad.


Not only is it slow but its just constantly dropping connection and unstable 24/7.


Here is my most recent speedtest taken about 5 mins ago from the time of this post.



Not even 1mb download and just about 1mb upload. Seriously something needs to be fixed here.




Re: 3G is faster than 4G!! HOW?

3 Moderator

Hi @J28B 👋 I'm very sorry to hear this. Can you tell me where exactly you're experiencing this and I'll certainly check it out? You can send the address by private message  👍


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