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3 Billing

I went to make an in-app purchase earlier today but it would not work, the message
"Purchase exceeds your transaction limit. Contact your service provider"
Kept showing up, I had sufficient credit to make the purchase, any ideas on how to resolve the problem?

Re: 3 Billing

3 Moderator

Hey John7 👋 Can you send on a private message with your mobile number, name, address and date of birth please? I'll certainly check this our for you 💪 Mairéad

Re: 3 Billing

I'm having the same problem. This form will also not let me send a Pm can you help please?

Re: 3 Billing

3 Community Manager

Hi Eos3 😊 Welcome to the Three community. This will help you get started 👉 . Also, you should see the PM link in my signature here. I do need your personal details to follow this up for you, put them in the PM. Deb


Hi and Welcome to the 3Community. Stay awhile and have a look around. If you haven't already registered, now is a good time to do so.

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