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Re: €20 all you can eat data plan

Hi Rachel,

Thanks you for the response. So there is nothing you can do, there was clearly conflicting information before the update to the FAQ today, of which you cannot deny


Re: €20 all you can eat data plan

3 Community Manager

@Chrismonks  I took your point of view into consideration and updated the article to ensure it was very clear but as advised these are not the terms and conditions of the All You Can Eat Data plan. In terms of managing your account, My3 makes that possible and provides you with the expiry date so that you can monitor and avoid using data without an active plan. If your credit was taken in error then I would arrange a refund for you but your credit was used due to your own usage. In this instance, there is no credit due. 


Re: €20 all you can eat data plan

@Chrismonks You found that article after the fact so it's not like you were under the impression that you would receive the messages you just went looking when the credit was used. Are you new to the pan or something because its been around a long time and nothing has changed like its 28 days of unlimited and then charges if you forget to top up. Most other prepay plans will take credit for the plan or at least some of the credit whereas you keep the full 20 and can keep it as long as you continue to top up every 28 days. 

I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

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