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SMTP Settings




I have been trying to set up my email on my new S6 but the outgoing server settings keep failing.

I am able to receive my emails but none of the smtp's I can find online are working.


What smtp do I use?





Chosen Solution

Re: SMTP Settings, looking for resolve to issue ASAP.

3 Community Manager

Hi All,  just an update on this topic as it gets quite a lot of views. The SMTP relay system will no longer be available on May 31st 2019.


  • You'll find information on what to do Here  (if the outgoing email server provided doesn’t work, you’ll need to contact your email provider for help)
  • FAQs can be found Here



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Re: SMTP Settings

Hi @Anonymous, the correct SMTP for Three is:


Give a shout if you need any more help.

Re: SMTP Settings

Hi Sheena.

Thanks it didn't work on my email settings unfortunately. Problem with old esatclear I guess.

Re: SMTP Settings

Can you send or receive any emails with that email address?

Re: SMTP Settings

Hi Sheena.
I can send/receive with UPC on laptop usig upc's smtp but only receive on the mobile. My UPC settings will not work on mobile either.

Re: SMTP Settings

Okay, it's sounds like it is our outgoing server that's causing the issue so. should be the correct outgoing/SMTP server, but it could be that the port is blocked. Can you go to your Access Point Name settings and change the APN to 3Internet? Then restart the phone and try sending a mail then.

Re: SMTP Settings, looking for resolve to issue ASAP.




I am also having problems with the smtp outgoing mail server on my phone. 

Its frustrating as my phone is pretty much useless without being able to send emails out using this email address. 


  • I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. 
  • I am using a business email which is registered with register365. 
  • I am using gmail client. 


There is no problem connecting with the incoming mail server (ie: i receive emails on the device)

 the issue is with three's outgoing mail server (ie, i cannot complete set up of this email, or send outgoing emails)

I receive a message ''Couldnt open connection to server.'' in the outgoing server settings at set up. 


I have checked my APN settings as advised by looking at other posts on this site:  My phone is connected to the following : 3, Proxy, Port, Username + Password seem to not be set up. (not editable on my behalf) Is this my issue ? 


I am wondering if there is a resolve ASAP. 


Kind Regards. 






Re: SMTP Settings, looking for resolve to issue ASAP.

Hi AlanMac 👋 How long has this been happening? Can you PM me your full name, number, address and date of birth so I can access your account? Martin. 

Re: SMTP Settings, looking for resolve to issue ASAP.


Hi Martin, Sent you a PM. 

Re: SMTP Settings, looking for resolve to issue ASAP.

If you get a working response from Three on this please let me know.

None of the 'solutions' I was given worked so gave up.

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