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Razer Phone 1 started to act funny - looking for replacement

Hi Three,


I've been you customer since 2007 and up until I haven't experienced major issues.

However, only recently, my Razer Phone 1 I bought last year (30th of March 2018) has started to act funny. Often and often left hand side of the phone screen starts to freeze. Trying to restart the phone results in device going completely blank. It takes ages to get the phone back to work.

I've googled the problem and apparently it happens with nearly all Razer Phone 1s. I've read plenty of opinions that trying to fix the phone or having it replaced would help because it's the hardware issue. There's no solution to this problem (perhaps this is why Razer decided to withdraw from phone manufacturing for good).

Now, my contract finishes early next year. I can't afford not to have working phone (need it for work). I can't wait 10 working days (as per your return and repair policy) for the engineers to diagnose the problem and decide there's nothing they can do and send me replacement.

I've been thinking of it in the past few days and came up with an idea.

What if I'd like to renew my contract for another two years (after all, I'm with you for 12 years so far) just as if I was eligible for an upgrade and got a new device? The way I see it, you just change some details on your system, make me eligible for an upgrade and straight away I'm signing up new contract and buy new phone?

Or, perhaps, would you have another idea how could we go about it?

Main thing is, I can't afford not having working phone (not for 10 working days). I'm willing to sign up new 24 months contract straight away.

Best regards,




Re: Razer Phone 1 started to act funny - looking for replace

I don't think you would be eligible for an early upgrade, but one of the mods might be able to check for you.

Re: Razer Phone 1 started to act funny - looking for replace

3 months is the earliest upgrade you'll get before your contracts reaches its natural completion. I looked for an early upgrade to preorder the s10, (I was only weeks from my early upgrade) there was no way I was getting it.

Re: Razer Phone 1 started to act funny - looking for replace


do you know someone who could loan you a phone for the period the Razer will be repaired?

Re: Razer Phone 1 started to act funny - looking for replace

3 Community Manager

@PeterWalczak Hi Peter,  I know the feeling of being without a phone @billbond4 made a great suggestion. But did you know that being a Billpay customer, you can get a loan phone ( where available) when you send your phone for repair under warranty? Can you PM me your number, address and date of birth plus your nearest store? I'll then be able to check all of this out for you 👍 


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