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Re: IMEI number not recognized


Hi Sheena,


I am having this very same issue now,


I purchased a handset (Samsung Galaxy S5) Three years ago from a Three store, bought it outright, on PrePay,


I have recently upgraded my device, and switched to Bill Pay, while keeping the same number,


Now I am trying to get my original S5 unlocked, so I can give it to someone else on a different network,


I supplied the correct IMEI number numerous times at this stage, and I keep getting told that it is invalid and not linked to any account/not recognized


The agent is telling me to go back to the Three store and get a receipt for the device - that I bought 3 years ago!


I paid good money for this, and also paid 3 years worth of credit, so I think I deserve to get this unlocked now by the network, 


Is there any way you can help me out here with this issue and get the device unlocked?


Many thanks in advance,

Re: IMEI number not recognized

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Hi @Dercoo33 👋 I can look into this for you. Can you PM me your full name, number, address and date of birth so I can access your account?


Re: IMEI number not recognized

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I got my iPhone 4 unlocked and same story no recorded of it. I got the phone as an upgrade so fought my case and got it unlocked

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