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Re: Huawei B525 VoIP configuration


hi mate,

that seems cool tho init... i have no land line connection in the home, but i could buy a real nice answering machine home phone that i would normally plug into my land-line & use this as a normal phone. 

but at a charge like you say.

& would people be able to contact me though this method.?


be handy if i ran out of credit on my mobile phone, or when im at work & the missis needs to call out & she's got no credit. (emergancy like you say).


would connecting to xbox1 via cable from b525 be any denifical to me.?


thanks sean.

Re: Huawei B525 VoIP configuration


It will work for incoming calls also - I gave this a try by calling the 083 number that comes with the broadband SIM and the corded phone started ringing.  35c/min may not sound like a lot, but it very quickly adds up, e.g. a 30 minute call would be over €10!


The Xbox1 should work fine over wireless such as for downloading game updates and non time critical games such as multi-player racing.  For games where a split-second delay can mean a life/death situation in a shooting game, I would suggest using a cable if possible as wireless can intermittently add latency. 

Re: Huawei B525 VoIP configuration


nice 1 sean,

i do play black opts zombies with 2 of my mates in different parts of ireland online (so the 3 of us on 3 different xbox) & sometimes i notice that i haven't moved but i have moved (if you get me), & this b525 box allows me to stop that from happening.... 

i dont really play alot online tho, usually 1 weekend night out of 4 weekends. so may not use this feature. handy to know tho... thanks man.


30mins on the phone, possible when i call the parents. but for incoming as we have bad reception on our mobile in the home, (not 3 mobile, different company), but  out & about its very good & for the 15euro cost per month we get free calls to anything in ireland. so its good you know. 

but yes, i may use this feature, phone line port & connect a land-line phone. may be handy (quick out going call. incoming. mobile power dead.) 

were did you get the cost per minute from sean.?


thanks info mate.


Re: Huawei B525 VoIP configuration


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