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Huawei B525 VoIP configuration


When I signed up for your new broadband offer, I chose the Huawei B525 router. 


According to the specification on Three's product page, it supports VoIP and indeed has a telephone socket on the back of the router. 


I already have a VoIP account with Blueface.  However, I cannot find where to enter my VoIP settings in the router's web interface.  The included user guide does not mention about VoIP configure either, although it does show the port to plug the telephone in.


My older Huawei B593 router had a separate VoIP section in its menu, which seems to be missing in this new Huawei B525 router.

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Re: Huawei B525 VoIP configuration

VOIP isn't available on the Three network @mrl

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Re: Huawei B525 VoIP configuration


Hi Seán,


Can you try log into the router itself and add the details in here

Re: Huawei B525 VoIP configuration


That indeed is where I checked, except with this B525 router it's

The menus along the top are: Home, Statistics, SMS, Update, Settings and More.

In the Settings menu, the sub-menu options are: Quick Setup, Advanced Settings, Ethernet, VPN, WLAN, DHCP, Security and System.

In the More menu, the sub-menu options are: Sharing and App Management.

I went into each sub-menu, but could not find anything to do with VoIP.  On my old B593, the settings menu had a VoIP sub-menu.

Re: Huawei B525 VoIP configuration


Within the manual for the router there should be a section where it'll advise you how to add in the settings. 

Re: Huawei B525 VoIP configuration


Unfortunately the router did not come with a manual.


The only supplement in the box was a quick user guide, which shows where to plug in the cables and how to insert the SIM card. 

Re: Huawei B525 VoIP configuration

You can see a PDF of the manual here - Huawei B525

Re: Huawei B525 VoIP configuration


Thanks for the link.  According to that PDF, VoIP is an optional software feature on the Huawei B525.


So it looks like the Three's customised router software does not include this VoIP feature.  Smiley Sad

Re: Huawei B525 VoIP configuration

If you need help with anything else you can get back to us here 👍

Re: Huawei B525 VoIP configuration


hi sean, all,


how you's doing.?

i dont mean to hijack your post or anything.


i've just opt'ed in to a new package with 3 (i have been with them for years with different units, my last unit was the Netgear Aircard 762s, &  i think it was a great little unit).


but with my new allowance package they sent me the Hauwei B525 unit.

im not really upto this tech stuff, i had a problem few years ago & i did start to understand how it worked.

but why ive replied to your post is, 

i understand that this B525 is a wifi unit.

you put a sim card in it to receive a signal.

then you can connect a pc to it & receive a signal so you can go on the www.

but i dont understand the port holes on the back.?


this B525 is not a router box like you would have if it were say (a sky router box) that you need a phone line plugged into it.? is it? 


these ports, could i put a connection feed from this B525 via cable into my Xbox1.?

what difference would it make.? (if it were the thing im thinking of).


thanks, talk to you's soon. 


Re: Huawei B525 VoIP configuration


It doesn't need a phone line - Just insert the SIM card and switch on.  It takes a minute or two to fully warm up, after which it shows the signal reading on the front of the unit. 


You can connect a network cable from it to your Xbox, just as you would from a router provided by Eir, Sky, etc.


The phone socket on the back of the B525 is only for voice calls, i.e. you can plug a regular corded phone into it.  I don't recommend doing this as the calls will be charged at 35c/minute, which will be added to the broadband bill.  On the other hand, it can be useful in an emergency such as if you lose your mobile and don't have a landline in the house. 


My main reason for the thread was if the B525's phone socket could be used for VoIP calls,  which is different to a regular mobile voice call.


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