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  • Three_Ashling
  • 29-09-2017
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Weekly Tech News: Nokia 3310 3G and more

by 3 Community Manager on ‎29-09-2017 02:47 PM - last edited on ‎29-09-2017 04:02 PM by (451 Views)

WIT 290917.jpg 

In the world of tech, a lot can happen in seven days. This week we look at the new Nokia 3310, Google’s latest acquisition and a mosquito repellent phone.






Nokia unveiled a new, reinvented version of the iconic Nokia 3310 earlier this year, and now they’ve released a 3G version. The 3310 was originally released in 2G, but this had its limitations, particularly as many 2G networks around the world are being discontinued. Singapore has already decommissioned its 2G network, with Australia and the US following suit. 

In response to this, Nokia has now released the 3310 with 3G and it’s coming to Three. As well as playing Snake, you’ll be able to catch up on social media, customise icons and themes and take simple snaps with the 2MP camera. In addition to having old-school push buttons, the phone also comes with an FM radio, 64MB memory and a micro-SD slot for up to 32GB of extra storage.

The Nokia 3310 is coming to Three very soon, so keep an eye on




Google announced recently on their company blog that they have signed an agreement with phone maker HTC, demonstrating their ambition to create more hardware in the future. Per the agreement, a “team of talent” will be joining Google as part of their hardware sector.

In the blog post, Senior VP of Hardware Rick Osterloh explains that the team joining Google has already assisted Google in creating the Pixel smartphone and other products. Google will be announcing more hardware products next week, so it’ll be interesting to see what the company has up their sleeve, and how HTC’s insight will improve their products.




Yes – LG has unveiled a smartphone like no other, one that repels mosquitoes. Clearly eager to offer a new unique selling point, particularly to their Indian customers, LG has just announced the ‘Mosquito Away’ K7i phone.

The K7i is LG’s current mid-range smartphone, but the ‘Mosquito Away’ version will have a speaker attached to the back. This speaker will emit ultrasonic waves inaudible to humans, which repel mosquitoes. This speaker will also be part of a removable back case, with LG including a regular case in the box – for those who want a slimmer back (without the mosquito repelling capabilities). The K7i ‘Mosquito Away’ is available for $121.




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