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  • Three_Ashling
  • 29-06-2017
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Weekly Tech News: HD Voice, Nintendo Mini SNES and more

by 3 Community Manager on ‎29-06-2017 03:54 PM - last edited on ‎30-06-2017 04:10 PM by (648 Views)



In the world of tech, a lot can happen in seven days. This week we look at Three’s introduction of HD voice calls, the Nintendo Mini SNES, the anniversary of iPhone and a new “dumbphone”.


Three introduces HD Voice
Three Ireland customers can now enjoy crystal clear calls with the introduction of high-definition voice calls. HD Voice (also known as wideband audio) is high definition voice quality for telephony audio, resulting in higher quality speech.

HD Voice is available on all Three to Three calls and will mean clearer conversations and reduced background noise for Three customers. It’s free and automatically available once you have a HD Voice enabled phone over a 3G network.

Click here for full list of phones and further details.


Nintendo announces Mini SNES


If you spent the 90s playing Super Mario and Yoshi Island and love a bit of nostalgia, you’ll be excited to hear that Nintendo is launching the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (aka Mini SNES), a smaller version of the original nineties machine. It will be released on the 29th September.

The Guardian reports that the Mini SNES will be priced at $79 and will come pre-installed with 21 classic titles, including Super Mario World, Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and an exclusive, the never before released Star Fox 2.


iPhone turns 10


This week the iconic iPhone turns 10 – the first ever iPhone (pictured above) went on sale on 29th June 2007, and no one could have foreseen its success and how it would change technology and our lives forever.

Apple has come a long way since – back then the first iPhone had a mere 4GB storage, poor battery life, and no 3G connectivity. However, it was beautifully simple to use and at a time when its competitors had clunky keyboards and interfaces, the iPhone looked like nothing else on the market. It went on to sell a million units in less than three months, and the rest is history.

Want the latest iPhone? Check out our range.


Swiss company releases retro-inspired MP01

Tired of apps, emails, and push notifications? Well instead of a smartphone, how about a “dumbphone”? Swiss technology company Punkt has created the MP01, a retro-inspired phone that can only offer two old-school phone services: texting and calling. Remember those?

The phone will have a Micro USB and Bluetooth support. The MP01 runs on 2G and is currently available for $295. To find out more, visit




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